About Sewing In America

Sewing in America’s  mission to educate others about sewing.  Searching for sewing teachers and instructors is sometimes very difficult because a large percentage of instructors just teach in their community.  They do not advertise or have a web presence.

Karen Erickson and myself encourage others to teach sewing in their local area.  We offer a very affordable online class for sewing instructors and a hands-on 3 day class.

There is no charge for sewing instructors to be listed on our website.  Please recommend your favorite sewing instructor or teacher to Sewing In America.

I was fortunate, my grandmother taught me to sew and I lived in a rural county  in Northern California that offered 4H.   My favorite sewing instructors were Mrs. VanSant who volunteered to teach 4H sewing and Mrs. Estell who taught at Maxwell High School.  Because of these two role models and my grandmother I’m still an avid sewer today.

Claudia Buchanan

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